Ubaid Hersi hashi , participatory governance and peace-building programme 
  Project Coordinator(PGP), Banadir and the States. 

Ubaid Hersi joined SOSCENSA  in May 2016 as  Project Coordinator to manage the  PGP  programme, which seeks to  contribute to a stable Somalia  through strengthening government and civil society institutions that enable inclusive political processes.Before joining SOSCENSA, Ubaid  had been working with Somali peace Line  for five years , he was child protection advocate  and also senior Monitoring & Evaluation Officer . Ubaid has a master degree in  Public Administration and Bachelor degree in IT.

Ubaid also is research expert , where he participated production of a number of studies. In SOSCENSA, he  was the lead of the “ review of the Somali Provisional Constitution: Appraisal of Contentious Articles and Contested Issues study” , he also was key authors for SOSCENSA and PUNSAA 2016/17 Civil Society Election Observation Report .