SOSCENSA General Assembly Meeting December 2018

Three days SOSCENSA General Assembly Meeting attracted platform members, including civil society organizations, private sectors, professionals, academicians, women and youth groups on December 18, 19 &20 in Mogadishu. The sixth General Assembly Meeting was discussed the agenda of the assembly including  sharing platform main achievements, challenges and   lessons learnt from the last two years, making  restructure and election of the platform new leadership.

The main objective of the General Assembly Meeting was to respond suggestions and recommendation coming from platform members in Banadir and States and also other key civil society organizations aimed to reform  the platform structure which allows all non state actors to form  one federal NSA platform with  sub NSAs platforms in the States and Banadir.

The General Assembly Meeting focused on the following key issues:-

  • Discussions and consultation on platform reform: GA meeting participants selected transition committee those prepared and presented recommendations and suggestions towards the amendment of the platform structure, policies and bylaw. Finally the GA members approved the reform of the platform structure, the amendment of the bylaw , moving from the Somalia South central Non State Actors name to Somalia Non State Actors where all platform activities and engagements can be accessed by  NSAs in the States and Banadir.
  • Election of new Board of Directors: platform members in Banadir and Sates elected their representatives to the Board of Directors separately by considering the knowledge and the skills of the BoD candidates where finally GA approved. The selected Board 17 members (29% female) are inclusive of the parts that regions have 59% of the Board members.
  • Election of New Leadership: The election process went well through the collaboration of 5 independent committee members (4 male 1 female) from the platform members and guests. The candidates were given time to present their plans and ambitions.  In the election stage, candidates competed, two for the Chairman and two of the deputy chairperson positions.  Osman Muhaidin Moallim and Mr. Ahmed Dubow Keynan for chairman while Mr. Daud Nur Mahdi and Shamsa Abdulahi Hashi competed in Deputy Chairperson. This time was better than any other assembly election that there was no female candidate found in the leadership as Shamsa was one of the Deputy Chairperson Candidate.  The voters were 73 members, including the candidates. The new chairman, Mr. Osman Muhyadin got 42 votes, while his deputy chairman Mr. Daud Nur won 42 votes too. Both winners and competitors appreciated the effort and promised to support each other in the future.
  • Improving collaboration and cooperation relationship with other NSAs, Federal/State Institutions and International donors /stakeholders: Finally, GA meeting participants emphasized and committed improving the relationship with the Federal Government, State Authorities, other civil society organizations and international organizations working in Somalia.
  • Appreciations: GA meeting participants appreciated the EU and Saferworld for their tireless support and empowerment of platform engagements.
  • SONSA members have shown committed and capable to facilitate policy dialogue focused on ensuring that the views and priorities of non-state actors and local communities on the ground come to influence national and international policy making processes





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