SOSCENSA is derived from Somali South Central Non State Actors and it is one of the biggest civil society platforms in Somalia. The platform was founded in 2008 by Civil Society organizations from business groups, professional associations, religious leaders and civil society organizations. Find it Here.  

SOSCENSA appoints committee for political mediation

Somali South Central Non-State Actors (SOSCENSA), a multi-sectoral and non-partisan platform in South-Central Somalia has appointed two days ago a political committee to take part on solving the current political disputes following several meetings they conducted. After many deliberations, they agreed upon to form a committee to find solutions to the current political dispute. The mediating[…..]

a meeting was held on parliamentary engagement with civil society on improving collaboration for accountable government…

to day was held consultation meeting on parliamentary engagement with civil society on improving collaboration for accountable government,, the meeting was organized and facilitated by UNDP and SFG, participated by Civil society and Member of Federal Parliament . the meeting successfully raised awareness on the full accountability cycle from planning, to costing, budgeting and expenditure,[…..]

civil society has discusses the current political issue & how civil society can contribute the constitutional review and peace building

SOSCENSA Members explain how, for a society emerging from civil war, a constitution building process provides opportunities for reconciliation and for achieving consensus on areas of division. Despite disappointments and risks in Somalia, there remains a valid role for constitution building in peacemaking. But this process could prove divisive if it is not sufficiently representative,[…..]

Press release: SOSCENSA and PUNSAA.

SOSCENSA and PUNSAA are two biggest non- actors platforms in South-central and Puntland in Somalia with the membership of 135 umbrellas and networks that includes organization women, youth, professionals, trade unions, cooperatives, private educations umbrellas, private sector, Somali Chamber of commerce and industry, media networks and  Universities To represent these umbrellas and network with diverse[…..]